Empire Beauty School - Warminster, PA
Empire Beauty School
435 York Rd
Warminster, PA 18974


About Our School
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Empire Beauty School in Warminster, PA.

The Warminster, PA, Empire Beauty School is located on York Road (Route 263) off of Lemon Street and less than a half mile off of Route 132.

The Warminster beauty school has been enrolling and educating cosmetology students for professional careers in the beauty industry for a number of years at this state-of-the-art and modern facility. Parking is available as well as public transportation via Septa's route 22 bus. Local eateries include Starbucks, Giant Supermaket, Reece's Pizza, Golden Wok, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts. There is also several nearby shopping areas within a mile of the school.
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Empire's educational programs include technical training, as well as learning the business side of the industry. Students develop fundamental and advanced skills throughout their training. Listed below are the programs that are offered at the Warminster, PA location.

* Cosmetology
* Teacher of Cosmetology

Community Involvement
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The Warminster Empire Beauty School students participate in community events which support their hands-on training such as performing a day of beauty services for local patrons. The proceeds benefit raising awareness about domestic abuse. The students also have the opportunity to participate in local and national competitions, as well as their own beauty shows, annual Valentine's Day Fashion Show and other events, to highlight their skills and talents. Empire's Future Professionals Expo allows students to gain exposure to the beauty industry, experience one on one mentor workshops with beauty professionals and have the opportunity to interview with salon leaders.

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