Empire Beauty School - Whitehall, PA
Empire Beauty School
1634 Macarthur Rd
Whitehall, PA 18052


About Our School
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Empire Beauty School in Whitehall, PA.

Near the historic city of Allentown sits Empire Beauty School of Whitehall, PA, located on MacArthur Road across the street from the Lehigh Valley Mall.

The Whitehall location has been educating cosmetology students for successful careers as future professionals in the beauty industry. There is plenty of free parking and students have access to public transportation by way of Lanta busses. Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King are within walking distance of the school as well as the Lehigh Valley Mall. Other eateries nearby include Red Lobster, The Groundround and the Olive Garden. Enjoy the convenience of grocery or retail shopping around this suburban area. Enjoy shows and events at Stabler Arena or catch a game with the Iron Pigs at the Coca-Cola Park. Take in a day at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom amusement park.
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Empire's educational programs include technical training, as well as learning the business side of the industry. Students develop fundamental and advanced skills throughout their training. Listed below are the programs that are offered at the Whitehall, PA location.

* Cosmetology
* Teacher of Cosmetology

Community Involvement
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The Whitehall Empire Beauty School students participate in community events such as Mayfair and other local events which support their hands-on training. Additionally, the students perform a day of beauty services for local patrons. The proceeds of this special event benefit raising awareness about domestic abuse. The students also hold special events at the school such as hair and fashion shows, graduation ceremonies, as well as the opportunity to participate in local and national competitions to highlight their skills and talents. Students continue to gain exposure to the beauty industry, experience one on one mentor workshops with beauty professionals and have the opportunity to interview with salon leaders at Empire Education Group's annual Future Professionals Expo.

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